Artificial Intelligence: How I met your next Best Friend

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It’s a story of an encounter that happened last week in a Parisian café, where I could not resist listening to the conversation of three smart guys, startup founders, at the next table.

It was about an Artificial Intelligence application, allowing to anticipate guests needs in hotels for offering them a personalized service all along their stay. The best friends of hotel guests : Victor & Charles.

The proximity with what we are proposing with Natural Talk is so obvious that this unexpected meeting could only lead to an exciting discussion.

Natural Talk is all about proposing AI algorithms in order to personalize communication between companies and their customers.  Allowing to define the best strategies to proactively contact customers or answer customer requests, at the best time, through the best channel, with the most appropriate person. The best friend of a customer willing to contact his supplier.

So, what was this exciting discussion about? Artificial Intelligence for sure, Data Intelligence, Big Data… Yes. But most of all, about the capacity we have today to understand customers, to understand their behavior, anticipate their needs, and reach this new Graal: an intimate relationship between companies and their customers.

Certainly, from the perspective of companies, the ultimate goal of this « intimacy » with their customers is loyalty. About customers loyalty, I recommend reading this paper published last year by Oracle: Dogs are loyal. Customers aren’t.

Products, services, marketing… there are many ways. But in most competitive markets, it’s the relationship between the customers and their suppliers that makes the difference and the loyalty.

Here is one of the most exciting challenges of Artificial Intelligence: make suppliers and customers talk together like best friends. Or like startup founders in a café.

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